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The travel agent in the modern world needs a real business platform and high-level technological systems that will meet his needs. As well, the agent needs access to the most attractively priced vacation packages relevant for each client.

This is precisely what Be Agent online provides!

A Personally Designed Tourism Website

We give you access to an online international travel database of over 2,000,000 hotels and vacation properties throughout the world and in 40 languages. The site connects with all of the leading vendors and hotel chains. It is an advanced website which provides you with the fastest, most advanced, and most comfortable browsing and purchasing experience on the market.

The site contains proprietary technology which, on the back-end, compares prices on vacation packages from all of the relevant vendors and presents you with the most attractive and lowest priced option.

As well, We allows you to use your personal branding on the website so if you have a large clientele or if you looking to develop a market presence as an independent agent can sell their personally branded vacation packages using only the array of tools and technology provided by us behind the scenes.

In addition we place its focus on providing the lowest cost hotel options to make you as attractive as possible to your customers.

Customer Management Systems

We also provide you with a dashboard to manage the business. The dashboard includes all of the elements you need to successfully manage reservations. The dashboard contains all the relevant information regarding every online booking made on the site, including specific information about your client’s bookings. Through this dashboard, you can manage reservations, collect commissions, and receive support and guidance on the options and services that the Be Agent online platform provides, as well as marketing tools to help expand your client base.

Extra Commission Tool

We also took care to develop a unique platform for the travel industry, allowing you to set your own commissions. This allows you to decide what fees to charge for each reservation and thus maximize profits from each sale.

Custom links

We have also developed for you, a unique algorithm that provides you unique links which are connected to your dashboard. Using this algorithm, each link that you send to a client is automatically connected at the time of booking to your booking system. These referrals never expire, giving you a distinct advantage in managing and following up with clients.


Our system enables the implementation of tracking codes that will provide you with real-time information about which clients are currently on your website.

Marketing tools

We also provide landing page templates and a high-quality lead management system which provides information and a real-time notification about each new client added to your personal database, and the status of every client.

Search Widget

We also provide a search widget for the agent so that you can add a search engine to websites. This tool greatly increases your sales potential.

Be Agent online makes a point of providing a smooth user experience for the agent as well as detailed instruction on use of the platform.

By connecting to the Be Agent online platform an agent can be confident in receiving a solution fulfilling her or his needs.


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